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Missing Stimulus Payment?

Are you missing your economic impact payment? The IRS has tools to help you discover the status of your payments. The first step in researching this issue is to check your tax records for tax year 2020. You can do this at the following URL:

If your account shows that all of your Economic Impact Payments ("EIP") were issued, but you did not receive one or more of them, you need to ask the IRS to trace your payments. You may request tracing by filing Form 3911 with the IRS. If the IRS determines that one of your checks was never cashed, you will be notified that you may claim the money by filing either an original or amended 2020 tax return. The IRS will not issue a new check unless you file the proper 2020 tax return to initiate the request. If the IRS determines that your check was cashed, they will send you a claims package with a copy of the cashed check and signature. The packet contains detailed instructions on how to dispute the signature if necessary.

For further help with this or any federal tax issue, please do not hesitate to contact us..

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