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Estate Planning

In these uncertain times, it is important to be prepared.  Plan ahead for your family's sake. Let us discuss your options in retirement and health care in the future.  Estate Planning is not just about drafting a Will to dispose of your assets.  A true Estate Plan is designed to prepare for your life during retirement.  You need to understand and plan for things like your health care when you transition to Medicare, or how to manage a lifestyle on a fixed income that maximizes all your benefits while minimizing risks from unforeseen situations. 


Estate Plans are also vital to families with underage children and to the families of small business owners.  If you have children, you need to sit with a professional and discuss your family's budget and the realities of supporting a family with children in the event that one family member is forced to support the entire family or members of their extended family.  Estate Plans will help you prepare for dealing any situation that affects your family.  Businesses also need to plan for the future.  Every business should have a plan in place to account for ownership or keyperson departures.  Family-owned businesses can be designed to transfer ownership from one generation to the next with clear procedures to transition management and minimizes losses due to the estate tax.

Most of us understand that we need a plan in place for the future.  It's perfectly normal to assume that you will get to it one day.  Just don't let "one day" become never.  Call us today to schedule a meeting to discuss your plan.

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